Mantacc UTM Transport Medium

Posted by anna on March 3, 2022

The UTM (r) transport medium is an FDA-cleared collection system for the transportation and preservation of clinical specimens. Its screw cap design makes it easy to handle and convenient for collection. It is sterile and maintains the viability of organisms for 48 hours. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors, and comes in individual packaging. It is easy to use and requires no special storage conditions.

Mantacc is available with or without swab. It is a universal transport medium that can be used for any diagnostic test. It is a sterile, non-absorbable solution that is compatible with many assays. Designed for a variety of applications, the Mantacc series of flocked swabs is suitable for sensitive downstream applications. They are reusable and offer a range of customization options.

The Mantacc series of swabs from Innovative Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd. is a cost-effective saliva DNA collection option that is appropriate for sensitive downstream testing. Its FDA-clearance and FDA-registration are also key considerations. Its packaging and logo are customizable and can be customized to suit your brand. You can even print a custom logo on the swabs to make them more branded.

Mantacc is available in plain and virus-containing flocked swabs, which are sterile and can be used to collect and transport specimens. These swabs can be used with the standard swabs that are included with COVID-19 diagnostics. The Mantacc transport medium is a cost-effective choice for saliva DNA collection and transportation. Its custom-designed packaging and logo can be personalized to meet the needs of a variety of downstream applications.

The Mantacc series of medical-grade flocked swabs makes a difference in the quality of saliva DNA collection, storage, and transportation. The flocked swabs from Copan are suitable for sensitive downstream tests and are available with a customized logo. Moreover, the Mantacc series of flocked swabs is a cost-effective alternative for collecting saliva DNA.

Mantacc swabs are sterile, disposable swabs. This makes them the perfect choice for collecting DNA from saliva samples. They are an affordable option for saliva DNA collection and are suitable for sensitive downstream assays. They are available with custom-designed packaging and logos. So, they will not only make a difference in your research, but they will make your life easier. So, don't miss out on the benefits of using the Mantacc swabs today!

When choosing a transport medium for viral samples, it is important to carefully read and understand the label. There are a variety of ways to prepare viral samples. Commercially produced transport media are usually inactivated, so it is important to consult the label to ensure their safety. CDC recommends a minimum of 2ml per sample for preparing and storing virus stocks. The swabs should not be stored at room temperature.


BD Universal Viral Transport System and UTM-R (Universal Transient Microplate)

The BD(tm) Universal Viral Transport System is specifically designed to transport chlamydiae, mycoplasmas, and ureaplasmas at room temperature. This is the only viral transport system that can store these organisms at temperatures between two and 25 degrees Celsius. It also contains a unique blend of antimicrobics to maintain viability of the viruses during transit.

The UTM(r)-RT (Universal Transient Microplate) is FDA-cleared for the collection and transportation of viral specimens. It is suitable for long-term freezing of clinical specimens and is ideal for COVID-19. The medium is designed to preserve organism viability up to 48 hours. COPAN has provided information on the use of the UTM(r)-RT for collecting and preserving infectious organisms.

The UTM (r)-RT is a sterile, FDA-cleared material that can be used to transport, preserve, and freeze-dry clinical specimens. It has been validated for use with COVID-19, and it is suitable for the transport, preservation, and long-term freeze-drying of clinical specimens.

The UTM (r)-RT is a specialized fluid that is FDA-cleared and a convenient storage medium for clinical specimens containing viruses, mycoplasmas, and ureaplasma. It has a high degree of stability and is available in plastic screw-cap tubes. The system keeps the organism viable for up to 48 hours, and is available in many different sizes.

The UTM-r is FDA-cleared and suitable for the collection of clinical specimens with viruses. It has been approved for use in research and for long-term freeze-drying of clinical samples. It also meets the CDC's Interim Guidelines for the transport of bacterial and viral specimens. This means that the UTM-r is a safe, convenient, and effective solution for your laboratory.

The UTM-r is FDA-cleared for transport and preservation of clinical specimens. It contains antibiotics that inhibit bacterial growth but do not affect the viruses. The UTM-r is the preferred viral transport medium for all types of mycoplasma and chlamydiae. And it meets the Interim Guidelines for the treatment of mycoplasma.

This multipurpose transport medium contains antibiotics to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, but not viruses. The UTM-r is also available in different formats for flu and COVID-19 virus testing. Its multipurpose composition makes it suitable for a variety of testing applications. A COPAN-r tube is made of glass beads to facilitate sample release and prevent contamination.

The COPAN UTM-r is used for the collection of viral specimens. The yellow labeled COPAN-r tube is for amplified detection of COVID-19, influenza, and Tv. It must be placed between two black lines to ensure proper detection. If the yellow transport is not labelled properly, it cannot work.

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