Eppendorf 10 Ml Pipette Tips

Posted by anna on April 20, 2022

Here are some eppendorf 10 ml pipetting tips to help you get the most from this handy instrument. Keep in mind that the pipette may come with a range of tips and nozzles that you may not have thought of. Listed below are some of the most useful tips for pipette use. Once you master them, you'll be well on your way to being a more effective researcher.

Positive Displacement pipetting: This tip is ideal for measuring and pipetting liquids with the least amount of residue. It is also designed to ensure the most accurate results with samples that have a high vapor pressure. These tips are also great for pipetting DNA ladders when gel electrophoresis is performed. With their rounded edges, they are more comfortable to use. And because they fit just about any pipette, you can use them in virtually any application that requires precise measurement.

For use in a variety of scientific procedures, eppendorf 10 ml pipetting tips are available in racked and bagged forms. These tips are designed to fit Eppendorf, Gilson, and Rainin pipettors. They use the most advanced manufacturing techniques and are autoclavable. They are reusable as well. They are ideal for preparing blood, plasma, and other fluid samples for analysis.

Eppendorf pipette tips are made of high-purity plastic. They come in various certified purity grades, including Biopur(r) and PCR clean. All Eppendorf pipette tips feature a "ring" of drop-shaped relief elements around the crown of the tip. And they are embossed with the Eppendorf name. If you want to get the most accurate results, choose Eppendorf pipette tips.

Eppendorf Repeater Xstream

The Eppendorf Repeater Xstream is an electronic pipette with many unique features that make it the perfect choice for high-end applications. The device employs positive displacement to deliver a constant stream of sample volume. Its unique features include a single-button tip ejector, Lithium-ion battery, a selection wheel to access all functions, and automatic CombiTips Plus tip recognition. Moreover, it features a working volume range of 1uL to 50mL, making it perfect for use with high-viscosity solutions and high-vapor pressure solutions. Pipette tips are manufactured by pipette tip mold. It is a manufacturer that could produce high precision and accuracy pipette tips with various sizes.

The Xstream/Repeater stream combines the advanced features of Combitips and the patented Positive Displacement Principle. The device is able to pipet any type of liquid. The motor driven dispenser offers full volume control, improving accuracy and reducing physical strain. Its repetitive dispensing modes reduce user fatigue and maximize user comfort. Lastly, this device has a capacity of 5000 different dispensing volumes.

The Combitips advanced tips attach to the Repeater and have a built-in sensor that displays the dispensing volume automatically. This feature eliminates the time-consuming process of calculating the dispensing volume. Furthermore, the nine-size nozzles are designed to facilitate the dispensing of a wider range of solutions. Furthermore, the advanced tips are free from contamination, and they function using the positive displacement principle. Therefore, no matter how dense or thin the solution is, it will always dispense.

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