Random Stories

im about to look up maturbation so i can finger myself in the shower. WOOOOO MTIH

Today, I got fingered on the CTA blue line. The train wasn’t the only thing that was packed.

last week my boyfriend broke up with me because he thought all i wanted to do was hookup, less than a week later I have a friends with benefits deal with his best-friend. mlih

Last night I hooked up with 9 Guys 7 girls and fucked half of my junior and senior class …I made alot of sandwhiches MLIH

Today, I went to a sex addicts anonymous meeting, picked up some sexy man, and did him in the bathroom. MLIH

today, my boyfriend and his brother caught me masturbating with a celery stick.. they both sat and watched and got turned on so they called there friends over,they watched and enjoyed. i was trained by 14 very very very horny guys.;) MLIH 8=======D

I’m a super multi-tasker. I can submit this, give some random dude a blowjob, and make a sandwich at the same time. MLIH

i went back to this guys dorm room with his friend bc his friend was hot we drank and i stripped down to my bra and panties the guy went to the bathroom and while he was there i gave his friend a lap dance when the guy came back me and the friend went to my room and fucked it was greatt

I’m wet.

So i got to college, my first weekend was a ho shitshow…and i somehow wound up hooking up with roommates and their best friend, pulled off each one seperately that friday night…to this day… ” i can’t really remember ;) ” and thank god for the best friend…he’s already refreshed my memory…

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