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SO i woke up then had a threesome with my friends dad and my black maid. then i sucked my ex bfs dick and made him a sandwich, then fucked his two super hot roomies. i had sex 6 more times with 6 different guys, i made them all sandwhiches, then woke up handcuffed to the bed in a straightjacket with cum in my hair. MLIH

I watched porn before I read these posts. Mlih.

Today, I work at a bar with a mechanicle bull. when evrybody left me and my boyfriend were fucking on it. when my boss came out and asked to see mw in his office. to celebrate my new promotion at work my boyfriend and me fuck all day.

Last night my ex and his friend came over to my best friend’s house at 3 am. We snuck them into our room and all got into the same bed. I fucked my ex 5 times while my best friend blew the other guy on the other side of the bed. By the way, we were all naked. Our lives are ho

today i needed a ride to get some cigarettes so i made some business negotiations: He gave me a ride and I gave him head… as long as he was cool with me setting the timer on my phone. Its not my fault if he cant come in 5 minutes (made sure he did though) MLIH

To all the bitches whose stories are real: Your chill as fuck. Get back to the kitchen hoes!

The other day I met a guy. We did it doggie style in the mall bathroom. Then I gave him a sandwich I made earlier that day. Mlih

Today, I fucked my boyfriend and let him cum in my mouth, and I sucked the last of it off his dick. He came again. I fucked him again. HE made ME a sandwich. Call me what you want.

When I brush my teeth, I read “Oral-B” on my toothbrush and for a second, I think I’m giving head. Wow, MLIH.

so i fucked my boyfriend then fucked his best friend and then they made me a sandwich:D

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