Random Stories

Today, I gave my ex head, a handjob, let him put in my ass and fuck the shit out of me. 30 minutes later, i let his bestfriend put it in my ass too. MLIH

Today i ditched my best friend to blow the same guy that she told me she could see herself marrying..mlih

Last night I fucked a bro for some alcohol, then smoked weed, got drunk, and gave a gay guy dome.

Today I discovered this site. And realized these are all bros wishin they were hoes. Just lax guys, kick back with a natty and Imma make you a sammich. MLIH.

my life is ho,

theres really nothing more to say.

I watched my close friend blow a guy for a cupcake; I ate it instead.

I will forever associate cupcakes with sexual favors.

Today I was 69ing this guy when his dog walked in on us. We let him join. MLIH

Well, I was going to tell everyone one of my hoe stories, but I couldn’t pick the best one..MLIH….now eat me out, bitches.

Today I was in the other room when my boyfriend was looking at my life is bro on the computer. He was reading them and laughing when he decided that I needed to make him a sandwich and blow him. Being the ho that I am, I informed him that he wouldn’t be getting any for the next month. MLIHo

I fucked my best friends 2 older brothers in her bed… at the same time (:

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