today, i read every single post on this website. needless to say i am proud of my fellow hoes.

so, i decided today i was gonna commit to being a ho. i bought some pinnies, some sandwich supplies, condoms, natty, an xbox360 WITH each of the COD games, and i bought some dro off my brothers friend just in case i find a chill bro to start bangin. any takers? MLIH.

This site degrades women. They are capable of making sandwiches in many rooms, not only within the kitchen.

I must say everyday is hoeday for me

today, i blew a guy in the parking lot of shaws so he’d give me a dime-bag. we’ve never met. ;) MLIH.

Homecoming night = gettin it in fasho

After I’m done fucking a guy, he’s so blown away by the experience, that he DOESN’T ask me to make him a sandwich. thats how much MLIH.

i got jealous hoes writing on my formspring everday saying im such a big hoe and all this shit, yeah thats right MLIH.

Today, I went over to my boyfriends house and he and his bros were pounding natties and playing xbox in their pinnies. I figured there were 2 things missing…so I made them sandwiches and gave them dome while they were still playing. I now am reading this site in the kitchen and masturbating with my boyfriends lax spoon.

Today my boyfriend ate me out, he said it was almost as good as the sandwich i made him. MLIH