My excuse for giving lots of head is that I’m vegetarian. I swallow to get some extra protein. MLIH.

At a party i was givin this bro head, and another one just came up behind me outta no where! Luckily i was already naked so we just had a threesome. MLIH (;

i met a guy today and gave him head in a playground pirate ship…im still turned on MLIH

today, i told my mom i was going to the park. i did, and i met up with 10 lax players with there longboards. i fucked them all, went home, and brought them back sandwiches. they all threw there lax balls at me and told me to get the fuck back to the kitchen. MLIH

today, my boyfriend decided he didnt want to talk to me. so i texted my ex and told him that i owed him a bj, confused he replied with “yes… yes you do.” we met up an hour later. MLIH.

Today a girl in my art class realized I made out with almost every single guy in my year. I’m only 14. I think I can get the rest by the end of the year.

My friend and I were at a party. I wanted to make him cum super badly. We went to the bathroom, but there was too long a line. I gave him head outside by the dumpster instead. MLIH.

during school i was feeling really horny and i saw two really ugly black guys in the hallway. of course im gunna assume theyy have a real nice package so i gave them the eye and said hey you wanna get some? they were like awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit. andi was like les do this. so i suck both their dicks at the same time. had a nice cum-waterfall and yaaaaa it was greeeatt then i took off my skirt and let them fuck the hell outtaa me. in the ass,vag,earhole,mouth,nose. i just needed it all over….too bad we weren’t in the i just bought them both some school made sandwhiches. ya sluts. top that. MLIH

my mom told me not to do a virgin is its your first time because it would hurt .. so i did my boyfriends older brother who has LOTS of experience. that was a month ago, still havnt done it with my boyfriend but at least 12 times with his bro MLIH

the other day a bunch of us were at my boyfriends house, i refused to give him any because our friends were there. but the second it was juts me and his best friend alone he ate me out like there was no tomorrow. later on that evening my boy fingered me, so i decided he deserved some head.