Last Night, I went to a party and made out with everyone there. Even the ones I met that night. MLIH & I love it.

I played GLB today – oh and I fucked someone. MLIH

my throat hurts. mlih.

Today I woke up and remembered that badass night I just had. Me and my best friend walked around the bad side of town at 2:30 in the morning, she blew a guy behind a Sikh temple, and I got fucked on a main road. Literally. Beat that shit hoes..

What are clothes?

Today, I fucked my best friend’s boyfriend. All I have to say is she was right about how big his dick is. MLIH.

Today, I was so fuckin horny. I fingered myself so good I made MYSELF a sandwich.

today I had sex three times with 5 different people. MLIH

my throat hurts. mlih.