fuck pro-activ. i get facials every night ;)

i have had sex multiple times. not one of the guys single, I dont know any of there last names, and not one was in a bed. oh except the threesome.

When you make a guy a sandwich, do you want him to be inconsiderate and spit it out? No? Then don’t spit out his cum. MLIH.

today i was in the basement with my boy, his friends come over and i end up making 9 sandwiches. they always say make a sandwich for the one you fuck. MLIH

banged my bro, he went down stairs, his hotter bro came in the room looking for my him…. banged him too… MLIH

today i made a sandwich, while getting fucked in the ass

Today, I licked this sexy bitches cunt till she came all over me. She’s my boyfriends sister. Fuck yeah, MLIH

I got tipsy at my best friends house with her older brother and his friend. I gave her brothers friend head and swallowed then went downstairs, made out with him and he fingered me. Then i made them both sandwiches. and then i made out with my best friend. MLIH.

I’ve gotten so good at giving head that I can figure out how long a guy will last within two minutes of meeting him.

today, i snuck out of my sped math class to meet this hot junior(my bestfriend brother) in the bathroom. we fucked, i sucked, and he fingered me(; im a freshman. i love my school… MLIH