People at school keep coming up to me and asking me if ive been posting things on my life is ho…This is the first time ive been on this site.

Today, I had sex ten times in a tent. A different one every time. MLIH.

I sat naked in the bro’s locker room, when practice ended the whole team fucked me, I slept there with the coach for the night. MLIH

I don’t miss him, I miss his cock. mlih

my mom’s new boyfrriend walked in the door to meet me. my mom then went to pick up my brother at soccer, one thing led to another i became wet, and then we fucked. my life is ho

I can’t find any of my thongs because i’ve left them all at different guy’s houses everytime i’ve fucked them. I had over 30 thongs. MLIH.

Today, I scissored my best friend in front of my boyfriend for fun. I’m definately going bi. Mlih.

I just read that if you make a fist with your left hand and put your thumb in the fist and squeeze it you dont have gag reflexes. Now you guess what im going to do with that ;)

So last sunday i hooked up with 3 guys, and one of my friends liked one of the guys i hooked up with. She now hates me but i still wanna give him head. MLIH

My bestfriends boyfriend has been cheating on her with me , since there first kiss 3 years ago…