my lips are chapped and my hands are calloused. mlih

Today my boyfriend announced to my whole grade that I make good sandwiches. I slapped him across the face. Then I made him a sandwich to make up for it. MLIH

Today I gave my boyfriend road head. I was so good that we almost ran over these little kids running across the street. mlih

so today my boyfriend asked me if i was a virgin, i told him yes.i ended up sleeping with his best friend right after i sent thAt text :) . MLIH

today my boyfriend said he’d help me bake a cake but i say stay out of my kitchen boy! MLIH

My bedroom is my kitchen. MLIH.

Boats and hoes.

Yesterday I had an F in math. After I fucked all the math teachers I had a B. My mom is so proud.

My birth control gives me 4 periods a year. I gained back two months of my sex life, and I use them. MLIH

I ment my friends best friend for the first I gave him a hand job in the movie theater and he fingered me I went to give him a blow job but he said no he want to eat me out…first time letting a guy go down on me I loved it and he saw how muched I liked it every time I see him he gonna do it mlih