Life Is a blowjob..well at least for me bc I love giving them out..mlih

so this lax bro called and wanted some dome…he came over with 5 friends

Today during my bio lecture we learned about cells spreading and dividing through mitosis..i gave the whole lecture hall a prime example by fucking my t.a in the back row

This morning, I fucked this random guy on my bus in the front seat. My bus driver stopped the bus in front of the school, held me and my guy back and joined in.

Today I was going to vote “good slut”, but there were 69 and I didn’t want to twat swat my hoe. mlih.

Today my boyfriend told me to make him a sandwich so I fucked him then he made me one. MLIH

Last night, my boyfriend fucked me so hard my legs went numb for about an hour. MLIH.

Who says we are a poor country .all these bitches have computers in their kitchen. That’s chill. MLIB

fucked 2 guys at penn state then the next night made them and their friends chicken parm in my bra and thong.then fucked two of their friends. mlih

today i was giving my boyfriend head and his best friend walked in and instead of leaving he started giving it too me up the ass . then they swapped . MLIH