today, i fucked my new boyfriend. and his brother. and his dad. mlih

I was fucking my boyfriend in my bedroom when my little brother walked in. We stopped but he didn’t pull out, he chilled there with his dick inside me and talked to my little brother, after my brother left, we kept fucking. MLIH

Today i took a quick break from a neighbors graduation party to get eaten out in his driveway. Happy Graduation

i fucked my boyfriend. his dad walked in and kicked me out. i didnt have a ride so his dad drove me home and we fucked. yeah.

Today my fuckbuddy needed something tighter than my vagina… Anal. So we had anal and he was so satisfied, HE made ME a sandwich afterwards.

If I don’t suck dick at least once a day I get really upset.

Today I was at the airport and my flight got delayed so I passed my time fucking the blonde guy I met at security. MLIH

I was hanging out with my best friend’s boyfriend and gave him head outside under his back deck. She came over an hour later. MLIH

I’ve done 14 walks of shame since school started. With 9 guys. All from the same frat. MLIH.

About to give my first blow job my mouth is watering :D ….. mlih