I’m a bro, im giving permission for a slampeice to leave the kitchen. But only to Text me bring me a sandwich and give me brome. then u have to go back to ur place. 1-847-261-5970. (itd be chill if u bros clicked “chill” cause I need a sandwich and brome right now)!!

Today my history teacher found out that I wasn’t a virgin so he gave me a high five saying “come on give it to me!” I was failing his class yesterday… today… A+

today my boyfriend asked if he could fuck my ass. i said no. he did it anyways. it was chill.

Sandwich in one hand, dick in the other. MLIH

today my pussy lips were talking, the left said to the right “shieeet nigr we used to be tight” MLIH

i gave 6 guys blow jobs on team canada. its a team of 40. i still have 3 weeks. mlih

little does my ex-boyfriends current girlfriend know, i still bang the fuck out of him. MLIH

every boy that talks to me definitely gets a phone number!
5% of the time its my number
95% of the time he gets my ex-boyfriends.

when to bed with the boy i have been seeing. his best friend also got in bed with us. my guy feel asleep, i was awake horny and drunk, so was his best friend. we left the room but my boy woke up i kissed his forehead and told him i had to take care of something. i fucked him, then went back to cuddle with my boy.

today, my boyfriend told me he was gonna move his xbox into the kitchen so we could spend more time together. MLIH