i have no gag reflex. and i prove it to any guy who says they wanna find out. MLIH

i watched porn today. for 3 hours. then i got super horny, so i had sex with my neighbor. in his house. while his parents were home. it was so good he made me a sandwich. btw, i’m 14, he’s 21. best sex ever. MLIH

Today i made a sandwich, and gave it to my bro boyfriend and his friend then he let me suck his dick. and his friend’s. MLIH

(an no worries my comp is in the kitchen. i never leave)

I watched my close friend blow a guy for a cupcake; I ate it instead.

I will forever associate cupcakes with sexual favors.

Stayed up all night with my man smoking and fucking. He was hittin me from the back while I was hittin a J. Fucked me again in the morning before he left. Then my girlfriend made me breakfast while I took a nap…MLIH

sucking dick is fun
but when they cum its dun
wanna be a bitty?
you gotta suck my titty!
so yes thats right
i do like to bite
sucking titty is chill…
until you pay the bill!
a slut is what i am…
so get inside me… BAM!!!

just a day inside my life. MLIH.

Making some bro a sabdwhich i dont know if it mayonnaise or cum on my hands. MLIH

today a guy asked me to blow him but i told him i don’t do that, 2 minutes later i had given him the best head he ever had and then i cowgirled him so he didnt have to do any work. after that i made him a sandwich before he had to go to his game. MLIH

Gave the whole lax team dome then invited them over to watch rocket power while i made them sandwhiches

today i fucked this guy in the trunk of his compact car. in the school parking lot. in daylight. while his gf was texting him.